2010 Superbowl Commercials, hit or miss?

My favorite commercial was one of the Doritos commercials. I really liked the Doritos commercial where the mom is on a date and the little boy is in the living room. The little boy see’s his mom’s date checking her out, and when he reaches his hand into the little boy’s Doritos bowl, he crosses the line. The little boy slaps the man in the face, and gives him two conditions. He says to “keep your hands off my momma, and keep your hands off my Doritos.” The little boy then gets up in the man’s face and stares him down to get his point across. I liked this commercial for a number of different reasons. First, and foremost I thought it was really funny, and I also thought it was also really cute. The little boy was a great actor, and I think he was perfect for the role. Another reason I liked the ad is because I think people of all ages, sexes, and races will enjoy watching it. This makes the ad very effective.  This ad was also memorable, which is very important. If you see an ad, but can’t remember it, then the ad is not doing its job. The people who make the ads want you to remember them, so that you remember the product they are trying to sell. Another thing I think adds to this commercial’s success is that the product was displayed in a great way. Seeing Doritos displayed in a clear bowl made me want to reach in and grab some. I was definitely craving Doritos while watching the ad, and I wanted to go out and buy a bag after the commercial ended. All of these factors make this ad very successful and one of my personal favorites.


~ by necottom on February 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “2010 Superbowl Commercials, hit or miss?”

  1. I completely agree with you!
    This commercial was by far the best one from the Super Bowl.
    I actually thought the commercials were not too amazing this year, for me it was either a hit or miss.
    I think the Doritos, Google, and E-trade commercials were by far some of the best ones out there this year.
    I think they tried too hard on some of them… but I do not know, maybe I am not impressed to easily! haha
    Do not get me wrong, there were a few that I really enjoyed! I think I just expected them to catch my eye, and I found myself looking away from the TV during commercials more than anticipating the next.
    Hopefully they are more orgiinal and step more out of the box next year!!

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