Chapter 5 Reading notes

  • The basic news release, also known as a press release, is the backbone of almost every publicity plan.
  • News releases create awareness about ideas, situations, services, and products.
  • News releases are also cost effective.
  • Most American newspapers use “AP” style or some variation of it.
  • A news release can be prepared on virtually any subject that would affect or interest a general or specialized audience.


  • There are 5 basic types of news releases, they are:

1) announcements

2) spot announcements

3)reaction stories

4) bad news

5) local news

  • A news release has six basic components, they are:

1) letterhead

2) contacts

3) headline


5) lead paragraph

6) body of text

source: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques sixth edition by: Dennis L. Wilcox


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