TOW week 6

What makes a story newsworthy? That is a really good question. There are many stories I see covered in the news that I think are really stupid and pointless. Then there are things I feel are really important that are barely covered or talked about, if at all. I think the reason for this is that many writers struggle with the same question. What makes a story newsworthy?  I think a story is newsworthy if it somehow it benefits the general public. If a story can make people aware, or inform people about certain important events, then I think it is newsworthy. But then again this brings us to another question. What is important? This is another hard question to answer. Everyone is different and unique, and what matters important to one individual may have no relevance to someone else. That is why I think it is a good idea to focus on stories that affect a bigger group of people. The more people involved in a story, I think others will benefit knowing about.  That doesn’t mean smaller things are less important, but the reality is, writers do not have the time, energy, or room in the newspaper to report and write about every single event that happens. Another big thing to consider is who you are writing for. If you are writing for a small local newspaper, that focus on issues that affect that town, even in small ways. If you are writing for a newspaper, such as the New York Times, then focus on big issues that affect a great number of people, whether it be in America, or Globally.


~ by necottom on February 21, 2010.

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