TOW week 7. My thoughts about twitter!

For me, twitter was more of a nuisance than anything else. I really don’t like reading about what people are doing every single hour of the day, and I don’t like telling people my daily schedule as well. I can see how some people may really like twitter, for this very reason. Everyone is different, however, and twitter is just not for me. I just have better things to do with my time rather than read pointless information and posts. Plus I already have a facebook account, and facebook has similar features to twitter. Facebook already allows you to make posts as well as other things, whereas twitter is mainly focused on posts. Facebook is just more advanced, and I wouldn’t change to a site that gives me less options.

During the time I used twitter I noticed that the majority of all twitter posts were useless, but occasionally there were some really interesting posts.  Some people posed interesting questions, some shared some really interesting information, and others informed you of breaking news or special events.  These are the posts that made twitter more enjoyable, because I actually felt I was receiving useful information and learning something. I can also see how useful twitter can be for networking and connecting with people. If you are a PR major, or have a job in the field, I can see how twitter could really come in handy.  You could get in contact with others in your field, and the constant relaying of information could keep you up to date on facts and events.  Even though I am not going into the Public Relations field, if I were to keep my twitter account this would be why. Even though you get a lot of junk posts, there are a few that are worth reading. For me personally, reading the paper and watching the news with suffice. Maybe in the future I will reconsider and make another twitter account, but for now I’ll think I’ll stick with facebook, and other means of communication to be informed.  

Here is my twitter account but I cannot guarantee that I will keep it for much longer.


~ by necottom on February 23, 2010.

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