Is This Really Newsworthy?

A few weeks ago, one of our topics of the week was knowing what makes a story newsworthy. I stated that there are many stories that make it into the news, that I personally think don’t deserve to be there. One night while in my dorm, my roommate calls me over to her computer because she found a funny Youtube video she wanted me to see.  The video she showed me took place in Mobile, Alabama where locals reported seeing Leprechauns. While watching it, I realized that the video seemed very familiar. Then it all came back to me.  I realized that I had already seen this video a few years ago. I remember one of my high school teachers taped it and made my class watch it, because he thought it was so ridiculous. Every time I watch it I always ask myself, is this a joke? The sad part is that it was not. This clip really did make the news and aired on national television.  Seeing it again made me think the same things, but it ties in perfectly with what we had discussed. There are stories as crazy as leprechaun sightings that make it into the news, whereas more relevant and serious issues do not. In my opinion there are more important matters that deserve coverage, and the news time.  I understand that there could be a number of different reasons on why it was aired, but I think the best solution would have been to cut the whole story, because honestly it was an embarrassment. Maybe the producers were trying to add a lighthearted story that went along with the upcoming Irish holiday, or maybe there were no other stories to fill air time. I don’t know, but this video really makes you think, do people who work for news stations even know what stories are newsworthy? Watch the video, and tell me what you think!


~ by necottom on March 1, 2010.

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