TOW Weeks 9 and 10

PROpenMic is a great site that I had previously never heard of. When I first made my account, I noticed how very similar this site is to facebook. You can upload photos, videos, and even post and receive updates. Your overall profile page is set up almost the same exact as a facebook profile page. The difference is that this is a social networking site focused on Public relations. It really surprised me how much information and useful links this site provides. If you scroll around at the top of the page there are many different tabs you can click on that will bring down even more options. You can get the latest PR news, get advice on writing News Releases, post your resumes, and even find job and internship opportunities. These are all things that will be very useful to someone who is planning on starting a career in the Public relations field. This is a great site for networking and getting connected. You’ll be able to be in contact with other PR students, professionals in the field, and possibly even a future employer. For me personally, since I am not planning on entering the Public Relations world, I’ll stick with facebook for social networking purposes. I may just keep this profile though to stay updated with Public Relations matters, because who knows what my future job may have in store for me. Maybe I’ll end up writing a few articles when I do start my career. Public Relations is one thing that will always be useful, and I’m sure I can use many of the skills I learned about Public Relations and apply them to my Music Business career in the future. Public Relations is all about communicating with people, and you’ll have to effectively be able do that in any job or career.


~ by necottom on March 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “TOW Weeks 9 and 10”

  1. I thought PROpenMic was very interesting as well! Like you, I am not looking into going in the Public Relations career field. I am a Communications major hoping to get a job in graphic design, or something of the sort. The part of the website that I found most useful is the Jobs/Interns tab up at the top. You might have already seen this, but if you haven’t you definitely need to take a peek! You can type in a search or jobs or internships in whatever field you want to go into and it will find them for you. I got back some useful information that I am currently looking into from that site. 🙂

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