Chapter 9 Reading notes

  • Radio and television offer many opportunities for the public relations writer who wants to reach both mass and specialized audiences effectively.


  • Radio lacks the glamour of television and the popularity of the Internet, but Radio is a cost effective way to reach large numbers of people in various age, ethnic, and income groups.


  • News releases or features in broadcast style can be mailed or faxed, but the best way is to send the radio station a recording of the news announcement.


  • An audio news release (ANR) can take 2 forms.


  • Preferred length of an ANR is 60 seconds


  • Every ANR starts with a carefully written and accurately timed script


  • Some things to keep in mind if you want a successful radio and television story placement:  topicality, timeliness, localization, humanization, visual appeal


  • A public service announcement (PSA) is defined as an unpaid announcement that promotes the programs of government or nonprofit agencies or that serves the public interest.


  • Only nonprofit, civic, and voluntary organizations are eligible to use PSAs.


  • Radio media tour (RMT) – a spokesperson conducting a series  of round-the-country, one-on-one interviews from one central location


  • Others methods of reaching people are video news releases (VNR), Satellite media tours (SMTs), and talk shows.

source: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques sixth edition by: Dennis L. Wilcox


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