My interview with Nate Anderson

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to talk with Nate Anderson, the founder of Ear Candy charity. This is the non-profit organization I have chosen to focus on in my PR writing class. Ear Candy’s mission is to provide kids with music education in communities where school music programs are struggling, or nonexistent. Ear Candy does this in many ways through various programs.  First they start or support struggling school music programs, they create after school programs, and they provide beyond the classroom experiences to give a holistic view of music education. They also have instrument drives and various other events to gather resources for kids and their schools. Ear Candy was founded in 2007 in Phoenix, Arizona and this is where most of the efforts of this organization are focused, because currently Arizona is dead last in per person educational funding. With so little funding, arts programs are the first to get cut.

I grew up in struggling school systems where our music and art programs were always threatened to be cut. School music programs and clubs were where I learned I had a passion for music, and without these programs I can honestly say that I probably wouldn’t be pursuing music as my career today. This is why this organization was a perfect choice for me, because I was a child so greatly affected by school music programs. I completely support Ear Candy’s mission and I believe every child deserves the opportunity to learn about, and experience music. So it was really neat that I was able to speak with the founder of a charity that I really support.

Nate was only able to talk for a few minutes, but I really felt like I learned so much from those few moments we had. Not only did I learn more about him, and the organization, but I also learned what it’s like to conduct an interview. At first I was really nervous because I have never given an interview before. But he was a really nice, laid back guy, so that really helped with my nerves. I had prepared about 10 questions for my personal profile project, but something I didn’t expect was when I asked him certain questions he answered many of the other questions I had prepared. I wasn’t expecting this, so this really made my interview short. I know now that I need to prepare more questions, especially more diverse ones.

 Even though it was a little nerve racking giving my first interview to someone I really admire, an important thing to remember that they’re just a person, and an interview is simply just talking with someone to get to know them better. After all, public relations is all about communicating with people, and nearly every job I will have in the future will require me to be able to effectively communicate with people.


~ by necottom on March 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “My interview with Nate Anderson”

  1. Ear Candy sounds like such a great charity! I love their creative name! How did you find out about them?

    I have such a passion for music myself, having taken music lessons for 8 years growing up. I’ve always been involved in some sort of music group, and can’t imagine my childhood without it. That is why I think Ear Candy’s mission is so great too. I love that they are passionate about providing the opportunity for kids who go to schools that don’t have music programs to get music exposure. That is so cool!

    I will definitely be sharing this post and information about Ear Candy with some of my music major friends… I know they will be interested. Thanks for sharing!

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