Tow week 12. Podcasts!

This week I listened to The Creative Career podcasts. There were plenty of podcasts, with a wide range of topics to choose from. I listened to a few different ones, and I really got a lot out of the podcasts I listened to. Listening to PR podcasts can benefit PR students or new PR practitioners in many different ways. First off, listening to podcasts gives you an idea of how to run interviews. I listened to what questions were asked, in what order they were asked, and how the interviewer transitioned from one question to the next.  Podcasts can also connect you to people, as well as inform you about certain events and topics. Listening to podcasts may inform you of something and may inspire you to write a story about a topic or person you learned about. So podcasts can be a great tool for finding topics for stories. Podcasts are also great sources of knowledge, and you can really learn a lot by listening to them. Since podcasts range from a variety of different topics, you have opportunities to learn about and get perspective from things you otherwise may have never heard about. The more knowledge you have about a variety of different subjects gives you an edge in the PR world. The more you know about any subject gives you opportunities to reach more people, because you will be able to relate to more people. You can also bring to light subjects and topics that most people do not know about! Listening to podcasts do not only benefit PR professionals, they can benefit anyone who listens to them. Personally, I feel like I benefited from listening to certain podcasts. I chose to listen to certain ones that were of interest to me, and I learned a lot and really felt inspired. I really believe that you can learn something from everyone, and it’s really a wonderful thing that we have access to podcasts. We can learn so much just from listening.


~ by necottom on April 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Tow week 12. Podcasts!”

  1. I completely agree with what you said. Before this class I had never listened to a podcast nor did I ever really want to or did I ever think I would have to for anything. But after hearing a few I think they are such a great thing to have access to as a student and then going out into the pr field after graduation. There is so much knowledge to be absorbed from the podcasts that I almost don’t know what to do with it all. I do agree that you have to find one’s that fit your interests the best and that you get the most out of when listening. From the one’s I’ve listened to they always have good and helpful information which would benefit anyone who listens.

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