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10 ways PR people can drive journalists crazy

1) Putting embargo’s on stories.

If you send a journalist a story and want them to write it for you, it should be allowed to be published right away.

2) Having a story, but not giving a journalist organized information. 

You should always make it easy for journalists to write stories by giving/ providing them will enough accurate and organized information, especially if you want the story published.

3) Not giving a journalist accurate information, such as names, etc.

If you don’t give a journalist accurate information and the story gets published, it makes everyone look bad.

4) Making Pitches too long or complicated.

Short and simple is best when it comes to pitches. Highlight the main points of your story, but don’t get too complicated or too in depth.  A pitch is like a blueprint of what the story will become, it is not a final draft.

5) Not giving a journalist enough time to write the story.

 Don’t expect to a journalist to write and publish a story in a day, or even a week after you give them the information. They have other deadlines and stories their working on, so give them time in advance.

6) Do not make errors. Double check your work. No spelling, or grammatical errors should be found. Also make sure everything is in AP style.

If you make errors, it looks bad. People will not take you seriously and they will discredit your work.

7) Getting mad at journalists for making someone look bad.

Their job is to inform others of what happened. They cannot be blamed for telling people the truth, or making someone look bad. If a person looks bad, it’s their own fault for making the decisions they did.

8) Not getting back to a journalist in a timely manner, or being impossible to contact/get a hold of.

It is so important for a journalist to be able to get a hold of you. If it is too much of a hassle to get in contact with you, the journalist won’t write your story plain and simple.

9) Promoting or trying to sell a journalist a product.

Don’t try to sell journalists products, sell them your story!

10) Not having good relationships.

PR people and journalists need each other, and need to be able to work together. Once they get to know each other better and how they each work, it will make both their jobs easier.


~ by necottom on April 10, 2010.

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