TOW Week 14

TOW Week 14

        I learned a lot from the Five Steps to MultiMedia Storytelling course at News University.  I learned that the best multimedia stories are multi-dimensional and also nonlinear. I also learned that before you go out to report a story you should make a storyboard. A storyboard is a story outline that lays out the multimedia possibilities. Creating a storyboard is done in 3 parts:

1. DEFINE the elements

2. IDENTIFY the media

3. STORY BOARD the concept

Once your fieldwork is done, refine your storyboard. Evaluate your information, figure out what has changed from your original version of the story, and map out which media you have! Here are some general rules about media that I learned:

  • keep videos short, between 1-2 minutes, and definitely no more than 3-4 minutes
  • use high-quality audio only
  • definitely include photos when using the web. Use photos to replace 1,000 words, not as accessories to words
  • graphics can be the centerpiece of a story
  • text works best for first-person stories, political stories, analysis, op-ed pieces and short updates.

I also learned about packing when going out to do research. Make sure you have all the equipment you need, so pack in advance and pack light. All main equipment should fit in a camera/computer case, one that resembles a backpack would probably work best. And if you’re flying, never check in your camera bag, always carry it with you! Also buy a tripod that will fit into your suitcase! These are definitely some useful tips.

I was really surprised when I read about the sliding rocks of the racetrack Playa. I had no idea that such a thing existed and I thought the topic was really interesting. I would definitely like to learn more about these rocks!


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