Interviews, and leaving your mark!

With summer upon us, and even graduation for some of us, finding a job has been something on everyone’s minds.  With the odds against us because of the economy, there is so much more pressure on us. Looking for a job can be overwhelming and difficult, and there is so much pressure to land a job if you are lucky enough to get an interview. Interviews are nerve-racking, but it is something everyone has to go through to get a job. Being prepared for an interview will definitely increase your chances of getting a job. Since you will probably have more than one interview in your life, you should start preparing now, because everything you learn today will be applicable to every interview you have in the future. Here’s a video I found that had some pretty good tips. I know that you have probably heard of some of these tips, but I encourage you to watch the whole video anyway. Rich Alexander said some things that I previously never thought about. Here are the ten points he covered:

1) Arrive early

2) Know the position

3) Listen carefully to questions

4) Always be positive

5) Tailor your resume

6) Delay salary discussions

7) Make the interview a conversation

8) Know what the next steps are after the interview

9) Complete your notes

10) Send a follow-up letter

                The tip that stuck out most to me was #7, make the interview a conversation.  I think that the majority of us are so nervous, and focus on strictly answering the questions during an interview that we fail to show our personality. You have to remember that the person giving the interview is a human being too, and you should think of an interview as simply talking with someone. Thinking like this will automatically help with nerves. Another thing to remember is to simply be yourself. Let your personality shine during an interview, because a big part of the interview process and landing a job is being remembered!



~ by necottom on April 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Interviews, and leaving your mark!”

  1. It’s crazy how fast this year has gone by, and even crazier as how fast it will be out in the real world living our lives that the past four years will have prepared us for. I’ve only done two job interviews in my life, so I am not expert by any means. Finding a job these days is going to be problematic maybe due to our economy. I think we all need to learn proper interviewing techniques. I agree with you, #7 is one of the things that stuck out to me as well. I think everyone forgets that it doesn’t have to be an awkward time,it can be relaxed and even enjoyable.

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