Redeem the Shadows! Stop Human Trafficking!

Tonight I went to an event called Wide Awake. This event was to bring awareness to the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children, men, and women around the world. It really changed me and moved my heart. My heart breaks for all the millions of individuals who are slaves around the world. Those people who are raped and abused numerous times a day, and have no way out. Over 2 million children are exploited in the global commercial sex trade.  32 billion dollars is made every year off the bodies of young girls and women in sex trafficking. Over 12 million people worldwide are trafficked for forced labor or sexual exploitation. If these statistics don’t break your heart, then I don’t know what will. What breaks my heart almost as much is how very few people in the world are informed. People don’t know that this is taking place right now all over the world. If people don’t know that this is happening, then how can we put a stop to it? It is our job as Public Relations practitioners to bring awareness to issues, and let people know that they are going on. There are so many ways to get the word out, and who better to do it than individuals who are going into a field that is all about communicating with people. PR practitioners have access and connections to media outlets and people that the average person does not.  So why not use this advantage to change the world? There are so many issues like slavery that need to be addressed, and that people need to be aware of. So we need to take action now! Even if you are not going into Public relations there is still so much you can do. You can do many things personally, like giving your time or money to organizations, you can tell the people you know and bring awareness about issues, or you can contact a PR practitioner and get them to spread the word. If you want to help stop this sickening tragedy, there are numerous organizations you can get involved with. Some are Redeem the Shadows and Stop Child Trafficking Now. Get involved and change the world!


~ by necottom on April 22, 2010.

7 Responses to “Redeem the Shadows! Stop Human Trafficking!”

  1. Noelle,
    I think it is sick how people can feel good about trafficking innocent people around the world for no reason. I saw the movie … I do not know if you have even seen that movie, but it is about a girl who goes across the country with her best friend for a trip and it is just them two with no parents. They meet a guy who works for a man who kidnaps girls and sells them into the sex trade industry. They drug these girls and sell them to all these different men. It is sad to see that even though these two girls in the beginning put themselves in a stupid position, their vacation got turned into the worst experience of their lives. That movie was a good movie, but the fact of the matter is this issue is heartbreaking. Personally, I hope the right people come along soon who can officially put a stop to this issue forever.

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  3. Noelle this sounds like an amazing event featuring an incredible relevant cause. Not many Americans understand the recent rise in sex trafficking all around us. America is also being affected, and we need to ban together to find a cure. Loving the girls who are sold into slavery is one of the best ways. Showing them that someone cares, and that they are not alone is really important. Thank you for bringing attention to this!

  4. I cannot fathom one of my female cousins or nieces being caught up in sex trafficking. It angers me to think that whoever is behind these operations have the nerve to force these human beings to be abused. These trafficking leaders probably have children themselves or at least a loved one they wouldn’t want invovled in a scandal that causes so many other issues from the after affect the abuse. This does need to be stopped and more people need to be aware of this problem at hand.

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  6. What is most awful about this in my opinion, is that we hear hardly anything about it in our media. Also, it’s not just girls, there have been male trafficking syndicates since even the times of the early Church. Many speeches were given and written condemning the practice. It’s a shame our Church is so concerned with harmless things like gay marriage, when people are out there being sold for sex. Sickening. Thank you for raising awareness.

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