Advice I would offer PR Students Who are New to Blogging

Here is a list of ten things I would tell PR students who are new to blogging!

1) Write about things that interest you, or things you have a passion for. It makes writing a lot more enjoyable, and you won’t run out of things to write about!

2) Edit and proofread your work! Nothing is more obvious to people looking at your blog than misspelled words, and improper grammar. Read your work twice, and publish once.

3) Add graphics, links, and other visuals to make your blog more interesting! Too many words intimidate a reader.

4) Comment on other people’s blogs! It’s really neat that you are able to voice your opinions on topics, and it’s exciting to get feedback from people in return.

5) Keep up with your blog. Make sure your posts are up to date!

6) Make sure your posts are valid and correct. Nothing is worse than posting something where facts and information are incorrect. People will definitely look down upon you and question your credibility as a writer if you do this.

7)  Make your blog unique and personal. No one likes to see a blog that still has the original background!

8) Promote your blogs! What’s the point in keeping a blog if no one is ever going to read what you’ve written. It sucks not getting any feedback, so let people know about your blog!

9)  Write about things that will benefit, or inform people. Sure you can write about your day, or what you did in class, but ask yourself “Will this be interesting to people reading my blog?” If the answer is no, then maybe you should write the story in a journal or diary, not post it on your blog.

10) Lastly have fun with your blog! Write about exciting and interesting things, read stories other bloggers have posted, and comment on anything you want. If you do all these things than having a blog will definitely be beneficial.


~ by necottom on April 30, 2010.

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