You don’t always see what you’re not looking for, and don’t believe everything you hear!

Last week in class we had to watch a few different youtube videos. The first one was a video where a group of people were passing around a basketball. At the beginning it asked you to count how many passes were made by the white team. At the end of the video it asks you another question: Did you see the dancing bear? At first the question doesn’t make sense, but then they rewind the video and put it in slow motion, and point out the dancing bear. Since you are so focused on counting the passes you fail to see a man in a bear costume dance in between all the people. It’s crazy because I don’t know of anyone who noticed it the first time they saw it, but when you watch it again you can’t help but notice it. I found myself asking “how did I miss that?” The message of the video is you don’t see what you’re not looking for. This little fact can be so true in the Public Relations world. As a PR practitioner you have to see all sides of a situation and a story. You have to go into things with open eyes, and realize that there may be more to something or a story than what first meets the eye.

The next video we watched was a video that looked professional and legit and named off random facts. The video just draws you in and you can’t help but believe whatever this video lists off. Looking back I remember thinking “No Way!” to a lot of facts that were presented.  At the end of the video it tells you that about 70% of the facts in the video were made up. What I learned from the whole thing was to trust that instinct, because if something is unbelievable, most likely you should not believe it. Unless of course it is backed up by solid evidence. Don’t always believe what people tell you or show you no matter how true and professional it may seem!


~ by necottom on April 30, 2010.

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