Some things I learned

I feel like I learned so much about the Public relations world this semester. Before this class I never really new about Public Relations and all that it involved. I didn’t know anything about writing a news release, pitching a story, keeping a blog, or giving an interview.

 I learned all about technology, and using the internet to your advantage. Before this class I thought social networking sites were used only for personal enjoyment. I had no idea what great advantages these sites have to offer PR practitioners. Sites like twitter, facebook, and myspace can be used to make so many connections. And I learned from our twitter experience in class, that if you follow the right people you can really learn a lot. Twitter is a great site for being updated with the latest news and current events.

 I also feel like I learned about what it takes to be a good writer. I now realize the importance of editing and checking your work. It looks really bad to post or write anything that has spelling and grammatical errors. I also realize that it is so important to make sure you have all your facts right, before writing or posting anything! Nothing will ruin your career as a writer faster than posting inaccurate information. People will discredit you, and it’s really hard to bounce back after that.

I thought the courses we took online were also very beneficial. Even though they took awhile to get through, it was well worth it! I also enjoyed the guest speakers we had in class, and I loved all the videos we were able to watch, and all the podcasts we were able to listen to in class. Overall I thought this class was great and I feel like I learned a great deal!


~ by necottom on May 1, 2010.

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