Top Ten Things I Learned about PR this Year

Top Ten Things I Learned about PR this Year!

1)  Writing a News Release

I have read articles in Newspapers before, but I never really noticed the format before this class. When I had to write a few news releases for this class, it was a little hard for me. I had to make sure I was using the right format and following AP style. Now after writing a few news releases though, I am pretty confident when it comes to writing them.

2) Keeping a Blog

I never had a blog before this class. I found that I enjoyed it, and now I know what a good blog consists of. Some main points I learned about blogging are: add links, graphics, videos, and any other visuals to make your blog more interesting, edit and double check your work before posting, and write about things you’re passionate about.

3) Giving an Interview

I had never given an interview before this class. When we had to do our personality profiles I had to ask the founder and president of my organization a few questions. I was really nervous, but I realize as a PR practitioner your job is all about talking with and meeting new people, and ultimately getting information you can use in a story. I definitely learned a great deal from the experience, and I think it is really neat that I was able to talk with and learn a lot about someone I greatly admire.  I am confident that if I ever have to give another interview in the future that it will be a lot smoother.

4) The importance of AP style

Before this class I also never heard of AP style. I didn’t know there was a certain way people had to write. I now know that journalists depend on AP style. I honestly I think AP style is great. It keeps everything uniform, and it looks and sounds professional.

5) How social networking sites such as twitter, facebook, and myspace can be a great way to make connections and be informed about current events

This year I learned all about technology, and using the internet to your advantage. Before this class I thought social networking sites were used only for personal enjoyment. I had no idea what great advantages these sites have to offer PR practitioners. Sites like twitter, facebook, and myspace can be used to make so many connections. I learned from our twitter experience in class, that if you follow the right people you can really learn a lot. Twitter is a great site for being updated with the latest news and current events.

6) The importance of editing and checking your work before publishing or posting

I now realize the importance of editing and checking your work. It looks really bad to post or write anything that has spelling and grammatical errors. I also realize that it is so important to make sure you have all your facts right, before writing or posting anything! Nothing will ruin your career as a writer faster than posting inaccurate information. People will discredit you, and it’s really hard to bounce back after that.

7) How to be a better writer

I also feel like I learned about what it takes to be a good writer. Depending on what audience or media outlet you are writing for, there are different styles and different rules you need to follow. I thought the courses we took online at NewsU were also very beneficial.

8) Podcasts

I had never even heard of podcasts before this year. I had no idea what they were previously. I now know that they are a great way to learn. There are so many different podcasts that cover a variety of different topics. Some are funny and others are really informative. Listening to podcasts is definitely an alternative to learning and gaining insight to reading!

9) Social Media Releases

I didn’t know that much about social media releases before this class. I never really noticed how many options writers have in this current age when it comes to spreading the word about something. There are so many ways and so many media outlets available when it comes to informing people. Writers need to take advantage of these different outlets.

10) Public Service announcements                 

I had never written a public service announcement before. When we had to write one for an assignment it was an experience for me. I am so used to writing long complex sentences that look good on paper, but when it comes to writing public service announcements you can’t do this. Writing a PSA is all about writing for the ear and what sounds good when you read it out loud. You have to makes sentences short and simple, and phrase them in a way that sounds as natural as speaking.

      Overall I thought this class was really beneficial. I learned about so many different things, and I definitely feel I am a better writer after taking this course.


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